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Customer Feedback on eSmoke's smokeless electronic cigarettes and cartridges/atomizers

Brett F.I have read all the testimonials, and I agree the shipping is great. The real reason to purchase the esmoke is not the shipping, but the quality of the product. I,ve been an electrical engineer for 15 years, and the esmoke is a far superior product to anything else on the market!! The first huge difference is the atomizer. It is a small gauge wire run through the nicotine filter, which allows an even burn of all the liquid. All the other brands simply have a filament below the cartrige, which works poorly at best! Also the esmoke doesnt just send you a poorly filled cartrige, that will last for 20 puffs, they give you a new atomizer with evey cartrige. Finally the esmoke cartrige is not made out of plastic like the others. Overall the esmoke is in a class of its own, and to purchase anything else is simply a waste of money!

Thanks for your dedication to a quality product, Brett

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that this product is on the market. I wish this had been available years ago, I wish that all the non-smokers out there would understand that we smokers aren't evil, we were put into this through history, TV,radio,magazines etc... they don't know that this drug is more addictive than heroin yet society refuses to provide a rehab for smokers, they would rather try to force us to quit by raising the cost, shame us etc... Please help us smokers to get the word out.

Thanks, Wanda
Vicki W.Thank you so much for working with me on our little mess up with the PO. The starter kit arrived and I love it! It works great and I plan to continue ordering from ya'll. Thanks again!!

Mark W.I justed wanted to send a quick email to praise your product and a worker that I dealt with. I started with smoke 51 (smoke anywhere) and let me tell you its garbage. I purchased the starter kit with 2 batteries, both failed in 2weeks. I then recieved warrenty batteries that again both failed within a few weeks, but this time they would not warrenty them. So like a dummy, I purchased another battery, this time with a USB charger. You guesed it, they both failed in a short amount of time. I decided to research and find another ecigarette. I came across esmoke.net. While browsing the site I got a pop up window from a representative named adrian or adina or close to this. Anyways she spent like a half hour answering all my questions. She had all the knowledge of the product and was a pleasure to work with. Im sorry I cant remember her name exactly, but hopefully youll know who Im speaking of. She deserve to be commended on her great customer service skills. Because of her I ordered your product. I have since received my new esmoke and absolutly love it, it has worked without any problems. It has exceeded my expectations and I am a customer for life. Thank You again.

My only recomendation would be to try and make the cartridges a little more affordable or offer discounts codes for VIP customers. Sincerely, Mark W

Please feel free to post this on your site for other potential esmokers who might be considering your product or switching over to your product. (post all but my address ofcourse)

Thanks again
Robert A.Hi, I recently ordered from your company, Instead & Smoking Everywhere. Of the three products, e-smoke is by far the best with superior quality and presentation. I was thoroughly impressed by the slim case, the two piece unit (instead of three), the reliability of a full smoke every time, the flavors offered, the size of the charger and the promptness of delivery.